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        Welcome to SIASE 1D16 at LIGHT MIDDLE EAST 2018!
        Click:852 Date:2018-08-31 13:34:00 Information Source:

        Light Middle East, being held from 23rd to 25th Sept 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the world's leading Trade Fair for LED lighting, switches & sockets and other electrical items.

        SIASE will make its presence at Light Middle East during those days and will showcase its latest  various switches & sockets, MCB and LED Bulb at the fair .

        Latest product catalog and more information will be offered at our booth. For more information, please visit www.abbm.tw/en.

        We treasure every opportunity to meet with you! 

        Booth No.:1D16    Sep 23-25 Light Middle East Dubai 2018 

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